Law Schools Teach the Bearing of False Witness

my Chinese criminal procedure professor Yeng Lee in law school, taught her students how depositions and interrogations often rely on the procedure of bearing false witness, furthermore using it fundamentally in the criminal prosecution process in southern United States regions with racist communities, which involves capturing a black person, typically male, and having the community produce the real assailant to rescue the captive black. also, sometimes the bearing of false witness is used in interrogations to “trick” or manipulate the subject into giving out a detail of his crime. also, in criminal or civil investigations, generating a trivial or easily reviewable complaint, often directs an official of the law who completes the quick check, and checks comprehensively for a variety of common investigative complaints with time left over and finds a legitimate complaint that may, in his mind, correspond to the original complaint as a case of mistaken or erroneously submission.


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