Effective Writing

Internet-based literacy along with the advancement of the Internet is as far-reaching as the Gutenberg press. The ability to connect with anyone in the world on a 1-to-1 basis, even in other cultures and languages is indispensable. We are truly in a new age of communication where the tradition mechanisms of communication are becoming obsolete. Consider tomes of the language such as Britain’s Shakespeare and Spain’s Don Quixote. Obviously, with the simplicity and ease of use and communication of the Internet, these grandiose creations are nigh obsolete. Consider the http protocol, the one that the Internet depends on. The acronym stands for “Hyper-text Transfer Protocol”, the acronym suggests that people in contemporary modern society need to be able to transfer their communications in a timely and effort-sparing format. Because of these advancements, I belief the power of the internet will continue to metamorphosis into new forms of communication where emoticons and slang acronyms will create a legion of communicators that may be indecipherable to the stalwart proponents of tradition, communicating in a lingo that is commonly understood and employed by everyone.


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