Longer Gestation Period

the purpose of this post is to coalesce and consolidate several themes i have been pursuing regarding legal issues surrounding mental health & mental illness. i was trained in law school and am familiar with the jargon and find that insanity pleas are being overtly used to shade criminal behavior that should be punished. in the past, i have suggested that behavior that consists of angry outbursts suggest psychological regression and not necessarily a chronic mental health issue. these cases have been unfair in the social restraints and stigma of chronic mental health cases for which violence is not necessarily a treatment factor. thus these flash, “bull” run types of reactions tend to indicate an acute mental health “insanity” defense that does not necessarily indicate an issue with most chronic cases. the other issue i have come to find in many publicized cases of mental illness which indicate the cold & premeditated activities such as murder or assault which do not necessarily indicate a chronic mental health condition and should not receive consideration for an “insanity” plea for the sake of the presence or absence of chronic mental illness. also, the advent of mental health issues appearing typically in late adolescence suggest that a longer gestation period is needed for the proper development of the freudian supergo or adult ego formation.


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