Jewish Conscription: The Gift of the Exploding 8-ball

with all due care, the imperialist stance of the western english-speaking nations’ deferrence to israeli zionism for the sake of it’s victory in World War II against the aggressive and demonic anti-semitism, the jewish nation of israel along with it’s allying states of the U.S. & the U.K. combining their aggression against the iraqi practice of rewarding families of suicidal islamics with bomb belts exploding in the open areas they had access to in east israel, makes nothing of the plight of third-world and developing nations and the invasive, incessantly imperial approach to their wealth as superpowers, exerting a “medea”-type of effect among their intergender relations, with nothing to be said for the sake of poverty marriage and it’s corresponding effect on the hefty requirements of the economic dependency-schemes of women in such countries forcing their hand with decision to make after the fact. the loneliest crucible left suggests that the practice of enforcing marriage and enslavement of women & children and the killing of male militia in such countries suffering the losing side of the bout, perhaps with nothing left to the blue-man idiosyncracy of modern jewish conscription in the united states and abroad where the supremacy of white collar professionals in such positions of power suggests that the mortality of men should not endear thus and relevance after the fact of collapsing of foreign cultures under the zionist rule, the original name of jewish earth: Zion meaning heaven on earth suggests nothing for the sake of victors but more for those who lay forgotten in the dead marshes of the past and live only as an antiquity of the reminescence of their namesake, if nothing for the sake of the almighty god.


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