The Circumcised Vision

yikes, the gods must be crazy!!! it is true, astral vision has just been corroborated but it is practically worthless and is slated to be rediscovered at a…-(later date) much like a version of television that broadcast feeds psychically, it is actually worthless but may be valuably uncovered as an alternative to traditional media. the jews actually circumcised this vision for me despite it’s value on the african black market to be traded like a toy for the mind, also, munch get’s housing for this from rich people, but it is actually a facilitator of such diseases like the AIDS virus, so i don’t need much of that, just a little whiff for my snake’s sense, looks like thermal video and i can even see with my eyes closed. however, i am attempting to ponder the circumcision of the vision as a circumcision of faith.


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  1. then again, why must i be a target for “bible-billing”? i am not a rich man and there are many “semitic” one’s in this country that can foot the patronage bill. i am a penurer and live comfortably with what i have, i don’t have the gonad funds to juice east L.A. off their entertainment toke


  2. this vision is actually a matter for eastern occult teaching, that of the buddha, where the trickery and deceit of this treasured sense is perverted by the compromise of the inanimate placement of objects that betray it. for me well hidden for the sake of it’s value in western culture but as i said before, this type of vision facilitates the transmission of H.I.V. and is suspected as being more commonplace than one thought, like the allure of the adult use of the vision. however, i am going with the buddha on this one, it is a tool for trickery and is not to be trusted until a later date, when the slingshot catapaulting power of it will return stronger


  3. buddhism, considered the esoterica of the east, considers such “magickal” powers as deception used to betray the wanderer off the true path of knowledge of the self


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