Google’s Fraud

i am curious regarding the corporate practices of Google, the search engine software company based in silicon valley. mainly, i believe that they are deceiving the public about the true nature of their corporate earnings despite publishing it brazenly in their yearly reports. according to their most recent 10-k filing, 91% of their earning are from advertising. however, many of their public relations releases rely upon a depiction of their corporate & hiring activities to be based on futuristic technology. this is misleading despite the blatant statement in their 10-k report and may have trimmings of investor fraud for the sake of their bilking of the investment market with a multi-billion dollar capital base of which they are using to sell themselves on the procurement, research, & development of advanced technologies while they have not shown they can predictably earn from these discoveries and patents and after about 15 years of corporate presence in the market have not justifingly produced a product that would merit the sky-high stock market valuation with a diminution of earnings to show for it.


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