The Universe as a Hard Drive

time is mostly irrelevant in outer space as we understand it because we measure time in increments as the earth rotates on its axis and orbits around the sun, these increments are irrelevant because they become moot as points of reference in outer space meaning time in this sense in space is rather a coordinate location rather than a mechanical increment and time travel is theoretically possible because a being could possible by sent to a location in the universe that corresponds to the metrical time in the past or future as we understand it. this theory even lends creedence as a view of the universe as a hard drive through the indexing of locations in the universe referentially as metadata


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  1. apparently, earth-based time is meaningless once in orbit and in space. however, an alternative measurement of time within the solar system may be pertinent, referrable as “solar time” referring to the alignment of every planet in the solar system as they orbit the sun. but again, this approach to the measurement of time will become inert and meaningless once space exploration is advanced enough to leave the solar system, whereby we may have to use “galactic time”, and after that perhaps, “universal time”


  2. all these mechanism for the referential concept we know of as time are complicated exponentially through space travel, where the simplest notion of metrical time gives way to cyclical observation of heavenly bodies and the necessity of an unyielding method of converting time between these conventions


  3. is time merely a perception in our brain and a memory of the past memory in our past a neuro “illusion”


  4. the premise of being able to travel into the past or distant future merely by physically “muling”, toting if you will, carrying the perception of our minds simply to a location in the universe is provocative. consider the idea that the earth is beyond its greatest moments and is on the verge of declining in harbor, making our best days those behind us, the premise of traveling to a “garden of eden” in the past, an earth unbounded by limit in resources, perhaps even in the age of dinosaurs could indicate the destiny of mankind.


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