TODO: Urban Predictors of Poverty & Homeless Rates

hello, everyone, i am working on a statistical inference formula that can predict homeless rates based on other urban demographic statistical data. i am currently cramming a crash course in R programming language and seeking census data circa 2010 for metropolitan urban american centers. subset data frames in R on formulas based on gender, age group, and race, seeking comparison between 2000-2010 figures, also seeking regression formulas that can predict by “hypothetical” seed randomizer input of urban data qualifiers. is offering free courses for tech initiated stat “newbies” on datascience along with other disciplines worldwide. i am currently enrolled in a finance course with 2013 nobel prize in economics yale professor robert shiller in a global class of 5,000+. i consider the fine rigor & prestige of the faculty i am receiving instruction from and hold it in high esteem. i believe the current stafford loan laundering scheme that feeds college adminstrations like they were a den of thieves will become obsolete and cherish my seat at yale as a free-spirited learner seeking knowledge and not a white-collar meal ticket and societal sorority bundle. i am also very interested in qualifying my statisics skills in a programming environment versus the traditional teaching approach as this quibble has kept me from advanced graduate study because of difficulty with the standard nomenclature, a problem i have had in mathematics courses in computer science despite being considered an expert programmer.


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