TODO: Diagram CIA World Factbook/World Bank Data API versus

i am trying to compare the data collection & distribution for the cia world factbook & possibly include the world bank data API and compare it with the website listing publicly trade stocks and their financial documents including most importantly quarterly & yearly reports. without doing anything about data collection in an international sense from the world bank/CIA side, a publicly listed data exchange for foreign countries like in the continent of Africa could make it possible for them to maintain their own independent regional investment authority with fraud controls from the united nations like the american sarbanes-oaxley legislation. in some places like nigeria, american oil companies face penalties under the FCPA for the sake of a pattern of bribery and embezzlement of foreign leaders in order to expedite extraction of oils, a practice noticeable even within the occulted constraints of the world factbook, showing a high GDP compared to a relatively low standard of living in the country. an organized public listing of tradeable investments under the authority of the continent of africa as a separate financial entity apart from new york and dubai could offer their countries an opportunity to maintain a stronghold proprietary nationalist right in extraction of their resource-rich reservoirs while maturing a domestic educational model based on nationalist trade.



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  1. futhermore i believe there is more data being collected and aggregated by the cia than what is available in the cia world factbook, data that is fed to institutional investors who then make financial decisions on foreign investment


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