Recent Biotechnology Posts On Blood Chemistry & Computing with Microbiotic Organisms in Other Forums

i have been somewhat liberal on my intellectual property rights, posting my ideas freely on the internet on this blog and in usenet forums, basing my intellectual property rights on a long-held practice of not asserting intellectual property rights in the united states, gauging interests as an international citizen of puerto rico and seeking patents in other countries. also, i have social handicap, suffering intrusion in my capacity to freely aggregate socially as a mental health sufferer due to stigma, causing me to fail to freely making the professional network associations necessary to make a plausible property claim on my ideas, rather restricting me to publishing and communicating my ideas on my home computer. regarding my recent posts detailing advances in the field.

using some kind of radio space telescope or otherwise spectral electromagnetic listening device intended to listen to deep space signals, turned onto microcosmic levels by attempting to detect microbiotic audio or other bandwith signals would be an interesting biotechnology experiment with an interesting addendum hypothesis, the detection of sentient communication or capacity

project FeO based in the island commonwealth of “Puerto Rico” suggests that:

a disease like AIDS/HIV is anaeoribic, living in body fluids like the blood stream, however there is room for some kind of argument for collective sentience for the microbiotic agent that may transmit communications by chemical reaction but still may be subject to the principle of deterrence by a “safe-to-humans” electro-magnetic impulse.

such a precedent could usher in a new era of “viral” warfare where “smart bugs” like AIDS can intelligently outsmart vaccines as chemical & biological agents

also, according to the link below:
Bioencryption can store almost a million gigabytes of data inside bacteria
it would be a considerable feat as well to accomplish the construction of logical circuit using similar organic matter with an endgame of potential developing an abstraction layer similar to that of advanced computing


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  1. the link below describes reseacrh in blood chemistry itself but does not necessarily describe a property right on the effects of radio on microbiotic organisms themselves:


  2. perhaps my governmental contacts in the commonwealth of puerto rico can secure recnt findings in this field for the sake of pursuing or expanding the premises of this discovery within our biotechnology research centers


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