Atlantis: The Fallen Empire

was the asteroid belt in our solar system located between mars & jupiter the product of some ancestral technology akin to a “Death Star”? the characteristics of an asteroid belt, a collection of disassociated rocks floating in space is itself unusual suggesting that, if the whole mass of rocks in this belt were to be summed to “estimate” the size of a “hypothetical” planet, maybe inhabitable and succumbing to an evil lord like Darth Vader or a pre-ancestral Saddam Hussein, utilizing a weapon that could decimate an entire planet, perhaps even causing the neighboring Mars to implode by meteor strike, resulting in the atmosphere to be flaired off by solar wind and even resulting in the extinction of dinosaurs on the planet earth. a similar hypothesis suggests this same hypothesis for the “rings” of Saturn, consisting of rocks that may sum to the mass the size of a hypothetically ancestrally inhabitable orbiting moon.


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  1. interestingly, oath mars & Saturn are considered unlucky, evil astrological correspondences, referred to as the greater malefic & the lesser malefic, if anything for the sake of, in Saturn’s case, allowing the existence of Titan, the moon of Saturn to exist and key to humanity’s survival & exploration of outer space as an inhabitated and inhabitable planet for humans, avoiding the destruction of the other moon, destroyed perhaps for the sake of the trademark rings of Saturn, a wedding gift to some primordial, ancestral villain, Satan, proof of a struggle between good & evil among the stars, sparing Titan for the sake of bearing it’s destruction a child, her name, Io


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