Recent Findings In Bioencryption In Organic Computing May Lead to Unhackable “Programmable” Smart Bugs

Bioencryption can store almost a million gigabytes of data inside bacteria

by the methodology of chemical catalysts or reactions in blood chemistry or for other fluids for anaeoribic organisms that may respond to ultra-high radio transmissions based on these findings:

radio blood stream patent

also, for aerobic microbiotic organisms that may also behave as “smart” bugs and respond to ultra-high radio frequencies, a new era of viral warfare or even a wave of miracle “cures” based on pathologies that correspond to blood chemistry using “smart” microbiotics such as the unhackable bacteria that can store data and perhaps even make possible functional “organic computing” via the introduction of a logical circuit and therefore layers of abstraction, targeting microcosmic diseases in the body or bloodstream may be facilitation through the “programmable”, “intelligent” nature of “programmable” smart bugs according to these recent findings!


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