Writing on the Web & Intellectual Property

in 2003, i was persuaded by my professor to write online liberally and fluently of my ideas about generally anything without concern for any property rights based on the historical legal precedent of the method of preserving & trading animal skins in the cold of french/canadian quebec by placing them frozen on logs, preserving them for later trade. however, my queer legal journey writing in this way has led to interesting results, as i have been perceived historically as something of a “rainmaker” able to acquire advanced skill sets with minimal training.  anyways, i believe the results of this approach in the first round is at best depletion of funders who seek to ostensibly control my intellectual property, copyrighting my code, music, & writing.  i tend to appreciate this rogue vagabonds as amusing if for one reason, i am a good tip & lead as a sale, things that i buy and pursue in the market or store tend to be strong sellers, now stealing something from me and making a product out of it without selling it to me or deriving products that aren’t intended for my consumption tend not to be good bargains.  i’m like a weather vane or nielsen shopper.  at worst, my ideas may have been turned into ponzi schemes.  i seem to recall the investment in legal claims with stakes in settlements as one of my ideas that i posted online as a law student.  this later turned out as a ponzi scheme that was finally prosecuted sending prominent south floridian socialite rothstein to prison.  so basically the results of this first round of intellectual property rights in the “digital age” has led to a variety of capital depletion schemes.  good.  the only other right to such intellectual property that i can muster is the one year from publication where the rights to intellectual property go into the public domain without any legal claim and are claimable


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