Mobile Securities Trading

bypassing the frenzy on the trading floor in new york, the prospect of securities trading with similar leverage abating to nothing but large volume institutional traders, mobile securities trading has come to the forefront as a secretive approach to investment and day-trading akin to flash mobs that can issue option orders and proxy votes in seconds of uptime and disappear equally as fast, just by providing a mobile number and bank routing, these mobile securities shops can disassemble a soon to be obsolete relic of a dinosaur on the stock market trading floor as if it were rendered into skeletal form quickly by a pack of piranhas. similar to the premise of mobile phone lottery schemes, taken one step further, mobile phone securities trading promises to be the future of securities trading on in emerging 3rd world trading markets that lack trading infrastructure and rely on mobile phones to connect to the rest of the world, auspiciously so because the NYSE and the american securities exchange boards to not list data about these investor markets rich in natural resources because they are too speculative and left to reporting sources such as the cia world factbook and given privy to larger volume and institutional investors. given more SEC oversight at the international level within the United Nations, international mobile securities trading promises to level the playing field here in the United States and abroad as the promise of value in foreign value in other cultures increases in value through advanced telecommunications.


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