Space Exploration in Billable Procedures

one of my original posts on this blog on 1/20/2011 about being a part of the NASA organization and realizing that astronauts are not the (MVP) most valuable players of the squad rather are more expendable via the process of knowledge capturing & engineering, granted the perceptive requirements of their tasks as they are blasted off in to space as if on a “gun trip”. interestingly, my journey in catalyzing and compartmentalizing economic processes, given a sharp view of the domestic & international approaches to economic philosophy and thought, both as a J.D. law student and a grad forensic accounting student, the most compelling issue i have found in modern day space exploration as it is managed and deployed to is the reduction of scientific and exploratory findings of new procedures is the reduction into “billable procedures”. as was shown by the housing bubble of the last decade of which some americans and people of other countries still have not recovered from, housing is a complicated issue to deal with on a macrocosmic level, particulaly given the illiquid bankrupt results proffered by a marginally corrupt securities market for secondary financial instruments that led to a crisis in this market. the most prescient activity i can conceive of, now that i am studying billing procedures in the medical field & the reduction of physician transcripts & diagnostic analysis into insurance reimbursement codes (a gun-trip within itself for those who would avoid a hefty medical school endeavor and get up and running quickly on a variety of medical issues of the day) this process lends insight into the issue of economic structures that can facilitate the arguably now dormant NASA space program, still attempting to a redesign of the shuttle and exploration of mars with the prospect of a manned mission, the reduction of such activities into billable procedures over just a free-wheeling system of gratuities that the most skilled and adept would like to contribute to, policies of economically such dream causes as man on mars are susceptible to these issues, much more so for the sake of the thousands or tens of thousands of employed contracted and scientific & engineering professionals that would be needed to accomplish such a grandiose task.


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