Puerto Rico Now the Indian Shack: Predatory Lending in Caribbean Countries

the government of puerto rico, much like the dismay consumers face in industrialized countries, is under a credit crunch! facing an imperialist predatory lending scheme that is feeding their culture to the vultures of hedge funds led down the path of self-destructive borrowing to maintain the standard of wealth on the island after the departure of the pharmaceutical companies due to the invalidation of huge tax breaks these companies were getting from congress, along with other unfair trade practices america’s imperialist hold on the island has accomplished, bloating their domestic companies as if it were an expensive tariff on a foreign country. puerto rico cannot compete with mexico under NAFTA. is there a way to “consolidate” puerto rico’s debt, perhaps by going to a foreign country like china or vietnam for a consolidate debt restructuring at a lower interest rate through the world bank, arguably what the united states may have to undergo as it may suffer a credit crunch as well through an age of reckless borrowing.


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