The Florida Court is Deaf, Dumb, & Blind: Intelligence Activities Undertaken to Support Russian Organized Crime

the intelligence of the united states is supporting organized crime activities in florida for the sake of sympathizers with harbored illegals, reigning in proceeds from organized criminals that do not fear the justice system, opting-in law enforcement personnel inclusively to protect their black market trade, & leaving the court stupid, deaf, dumb, & blind, handling public urinal dispositions at the highest level of the legal system. it is an intelligence secret that florida is a money-laundering region where proceeds from illegal organized activity are laundered into support for illegal alien economics. the intelligence apparatus of the united states does not support the legal system in this region, instead supplanting efforts to profit on behalf of the russian mafia which pays no income tax for their illegal activity. consider the picture of NYSE executive embracing a F.A.R.C. leader. it is obvious that the court is being worded out and marginalized with bogus judgments and a quagmire legal system.



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