Hostile Adoption and Child Psychology: America’s Imperial Policy on the Caribbean (star wars plot leak?)

do any of my haitian subscribers have direct anecdotal experience with hostile adoptions in the caribbean? they basically posted my picture everywhere and slipped me a castration button in miami to keep me from my sovereign fertility! i think they even gang-raped my niece in kindergarten! i may be a “hostile adoption” subject being a mentally ill american from puerto rico and a family target of a child deportation to cuba like the orphan elian gonzalez subject the target of a “hostile adoption” scheme on behalf of rich cuban exiles, tricking them into an imitation on america’s imperial kidnapping policy on the caribbean. i may have been slipped a chemical castration pill despite rearing in the united sates by theft of my sperm from masturbation, perhaps even with a key, like the mickey LSD they want to put in my families’ BB. they seem to be interested in my literacy and charting my intellectual development but have lacked the observation logs necessary for a complete, “mandlebrot series” result. my family has already been burnt on the issue with the female community exclusion, even if i escape or elope to other places. i am considering researching the matter further, it appears an imperial child psychology ploy in puerto rico, possibly also cuba. i am considering going to the local library to compare documents there about puerto rico or cuba and compare it with my family’s personal library including the writings of our founder, governor colon. i am interested in logging my readings but have noticed some transmission failures in my facebook account. no further communication in this forum is necessary! i was tipped off by the video game: “Mass Effect 3”. i am posting a youtube video publishing the gameplay, specifically the mars mission where the intel is scattered throughout the game on data logs. i am curious about american and other military strategies involving child or female psychology beyond the caribbean such as in the middle east . i am expecting to start documenting my gameplay with a “snagit” device however, here is the mars level on “Mass Effect 3”:


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