Priceline for ICDM/CPT Medical Procedures

With medical costs soaring and lack of effective governance over programs like Obamacare, there is an impulse toward a better economic solution for managing healthcare costs. Also, the use of blind consent, a common legal problem in the medical field, enables doctors to quickly run-up client-side costs like the high score of a video game. The internet seems to be the most viable target for this need in innovation. My FAU colleague on this professional network has already initiated business activity in the use of AI search engine queries to find nominal solutions to common healthcare scenarios. I have proposed a parellel approach by enlisting a “Uber-like” professional medical technician effort to provide on-demand, on-site, non-emergency care via the ostensible organization of a tech network. I am interested in going one step forward and proposing an Ebay/Priceline type of auction provider allowing common procedures in the ICDM/CPT procedural manuals to be auctioned off by medical professionals in the domestic United States and abroad, featuring a hypothetical travel expense itinerary for the sake of cross-border medical treatment offering.

check out:
for baseline estimate of costs based on medicare public use files


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