is going to save obamacare, an online auctioner of medical procedures, is going to save and provide treatments for gaps in obamacare, mainly instead of restricting provider services to a network of doctors who offer medical procedures for private insurance, an auction approach to medical care would rely on an inventorization scheme of CPT-manual procedures in bulk resulting in a periodic windfall for medical professionals. even moreso, a travel scheme using generic, customizable travel software can offer medical tourism arrangements in countries where prices are much more reasonable than in the domestic american medical system. expensive medical treatment is often offered in bundles of CPT-procedures. coordination and scheduling of CPT-procedures is often not arranged in a cost-effective scheme. offering regions of specialization and relying on more consistent mechanisms for analyzing supply and demand of the health care system would realize savings in bulk and offer more people affordable health care. i am even interested in the prospect of a mobile solution where overhead for facilities & building leases would be factored out of the cost equation by using RV (recreational vehicles). an auction approach to health care is not that unrealizable as pharmacies currently rely on auctioning of pills in bulk expense. even in the black neighborhoods sometimes dental care is offered for medicaid patients on welfare offering blacks professional-level dental service while providing a windfall profits for healthcare professionals.


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