Looking Up CPC (certified professional coder) in tandem with CPA (certified public accountant)

a software like kongfinger or otherwise any email scraping web-crawler query returning both CPC & CPA would make use of healthcare reform and managing costs under an inventory control approach to medical procedures seeking costs including overhead and leasing for equipment & supplies to seek drive down costs by supply & demand pricing and capacity approach and medical tourism to regions with lower procedure-specific prices


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  1. with the information available from the medicare PUF files, it is possible to ostensibly reconstruct the entire government entitlement system. with finance techniques, the prospect of offering insurance health plans that service part C coverage or even obamacare offerings based on the baseline prices of these entitlements and rescue universal healthcare from it’s current “lame duck” status in the legislature. i am not sure if modern healthcare management degree offer comparable training on these issues but consider it under the fingers of a CPC with a CPA certification and modern system analysis and programming design skills. i reckon it would take less than a day to reconstruct this government system by a competent programmer who can parse the CSV public use files. i have been pressing the government accounting office (GAO) to release more public data on government transparency for the sake of inspection of the general public. my office is currently swamped with projects but would consider a queryable database on this topic to be valued at $10,000 for a comprehensive data store.


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