The Governance Gap Between Elected Officials and Appointed Operational Leaders

the article below outlines a common theme in modern governance, the gap between the executive view of elected officials and the operational view of employee and budget management where leaders such as the POTUS are often advised by staffed policy managers. an issue in this case is the staffing and operational logistics of appointed officials creating a continuation of modern govermental analysis. in his resignation letter, James W. Runcie describes the “successfully leading and managing a large, complex organization in the public sector requires alignment on governance and mission between operational leaders and political ones” (Mitchell) this suggests that such a gap is universal in government policy and decision-making and not present in just this instance.

Mitchell, Josh, and Melissa Korn. “Student-Aid Chief Abruptly Resigns.” The Wall Street Journal 25 May 2017: n. pag. Print.


2 responses to this post.

  1. in this case the elected executive does not create or engineer policy but rather perpetuates it on the advisement of his operational managers.


  2. this maxim flies in the face of the doctrine of the united states constitution, proscribing the foundation of american governance. however, america’s forefathers did not foresee the advancement of organizational science for the sake of how to operationally “staff” this conceded obligation.


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