Energy & Transportation Policy on North Korean War Prospect

north korea may be gambling with test fires of rockets because of the U.S. hesitation to engage them in war, which would be economically catastrophic to the world, depleting the government & economy like the iraq war did 15 years ago. short-sellers may want to hedge on a market collapse based on international tensions with north korea. america top exporter of oil, gaming the market for vehicles running on lithium and self-driving. saudi and other oil producing export companies (OPEC) are attempting to cut supply to increase prices. bolivia is a next-generation lithium trade boom for self-driving, autonomous electric cars.


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  1. the department of defense policy maintains a deferring tactic to hedge conflict in north korea before next-generation transportation and energy policies come into place. the only thing these countries may have to hedge against the united states may be the acquisition of nukes.


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