Pariah Ed: 1-on-1 Peer Interaction Claimed as Evaluation Competency as Credible Professional

many schools in higher education view informally the claim of 1-on-1 peer education as a pre-requisite for an evaluation of competency for the sake of graduation. many students on the fringe of the social caste of the student body such as the disabled mentally ill are often unable to claim this competency in a environment where rich students sport their study by paying the tuition of smart, less rich females. for this sake, i propose a “uber-style” education app based on online education in foreign languages where a mobile call center is used to hire graduates from other country for the sake of this vital interaction needed to guarantee competency. using my proposed app, “kongfinger”, i am suggesting a network of peers in the education system to be hired as 1-on-1 respondents for the sake of this informal need, charging nominally a fee for hourly patronage. i am proposing an index of every scholarly major to make this source available by query. this idea came from my experience in graduate schools in florida, failed for being ostracized. even blogging was repudiated at the time, now a vital invention of social interaction where, like student pilots, credits are logged when paired with an expert.


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