Craigslist Version of Social Media Networks

i am gaming to “trump” both craigslist and online social media networks like facebook to promote an employment app along with other community services for people to work and employ from their community with a more sophisticated interface than craigslist and mimicking facebook social media networks. this business strategy is based on the premise that consumers are blinded by capitave customer arrangement and could hire from their own flock by joining a social media network like craigslist. this approach defies the community command of controlled markets where sellers and buyers anonymously push the treadmill of regional ventures into their own devise.


2 responses to this post.

  1. facebook market seems to offer this service but i would like to imitate classic social networks based on privvy to restrict access to certain offers and bids.


  2. the economy is in lock down with the new administration and is locking out people from employment. also a zealous treatment of crime that makes homelessness better than doing time.


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