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law school busines incorporations & ponzi in forensic accounting: two must-haves for understanding american capitalism

i had such an interesting experience in the public education system in florida, attending various schools. first i was liberated from the common ignorance shared by many hispanic workers coming to this country exhibiting a common labor bias that the only way to make money is to work as an employee. in law school at FSU i found out that a large proportion of profitable activities do not involve my common notion of a 9-to-5 job, mainly stocks. a direct counter to this training was the subsequent election as a forensic accountant, appreciating the value of inflated expectations and fraudulent business practices prey on these types of bias. i would gladly recommend the combination of these two courses: business incorporations & ponzi schemes as educational micro-credits.


Coded Behavior in Underage Sex Trafficking Experiments

interestingly, underage victims of sex trafficking perceive transmission & recognition of secrets at an early age, displaying the hallmark penchant of occulted communication ranging mainly from other organized crime activity such as drug trafficking. like the manchurian candidate of mind control, these subjects can be elicited to respond regressively to common objects of early education, such as the recognition of geometric patterns. this bears significance in the range of coded behavior from this pattern and high-level communication that is encrypted such as secret financial data.

Open-bidding Mobile Apps for Universal Employment Bidding

gig economy workers are already capitalizing on the economic need for a new workforce with mobile apps. rich & famous people already have historically depended on a labor broker to find hirees, why not extend this technology for a “universal” employment app based on bidding. much like ebay

Brightline vs. Blankline: Does it Pay to be Clever in the United States

the shortage of knowledge worker positions and the coming glut of intelligent, educated knowledge workers with university education. this result is the question: is it more valuable to be retarded than intelligent? knowledge worker development and coordination is and may have always still a cottage industry serviced by the initiated. in contrast, retards are valuable health stock, a source of bodily organ donation and placement occupiers. hegemonious concerns are typically the source of most modern occupations.

Organizational Scheme Casing

i am working on a “SWOT”-like analysis of organizations that includes some principles from forensic accounting. mainly there is the:

  1. creditor
  2. owner
  3. worker
  4. customer
  5. supply chain

mainly legitimate business practices have a clearly defined conceptualization of these entities whereas fraudulent accounting tends to market & cater to the creditor or owner/pool-of-owners to profit from illusory profits versus the end-target the customer.

Butch Harmony

two of my favorite groups on facebook where i digress on the economics bias of my law school alma mater FSU treating the subjects of debt and labor relations in an organizational, political analysis sense. these two fields were indispensable in my study of forensic accounting at FAU helping me “orient” myself arranged casing myself along this study lines.


Nice Tea

and here is some of my “butch” harmony from music school at FIU:

Pariah Ed: 1-on-1 Peer Interaction Claimed as Evaluation Competency as Credible Professional

many schools in higher education view informally the claim of 1-on-1 peer education as a pre-requisite for an evaluation of competency for the sake of graduation. many students on the fringe of the social caste of the student body such as the disabled mentally ill are often unable to claim this competency in a environment where rich students sport their study by paying the tuition of smart, less rich females. for this sake, i propose a “uber-style” education app based on online education in foreign languages where a mobile call center is used to hire graduates from other country for the sake of this vital interaction needed to guarantee competency. using my proposed app, “kongfinger”, i am suggesting a network of peers in the education system to be hired as 1-on-1 respondents for the sake of this informal need, charging nominally a fee for hourly patronage. i am proposing an index of every scholarly major to make this source available by query. this idea came from my experience in graduate schools in florida, failed for being ostracized. even blogging was repudiated at the time, now a vital invention of social interaction where, like student pilots, credits are logged when paired with an expert.