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TODO: Update bitmap journalism data with GIS geographical plotting

list of english-speaking online journalism websites are plotted by GPS location, place reflective news stories on map based on distance-metrics to relevant news


TODO: Propose Videologging Police Operations With Proprietary Youtube Blockchain Software

create show like and bypass or supplement news media coverage like:

TODO: Business Plan For Medianeuter

an online forum like norm’s rare guitars featuring mobile inspectors videologging products being sold on the secondary market like craigslist or ebay but with a similar approach like youtube but in blockchain

TODO: peachies term frequency count by collocation; host website with translator features

my newspaper lexical analysis site needs additional configuration to measure term frequency collocation to keyword extraction + translator features for every language in the world

TODO: Plot 2010 Census Data, Rank Linear Equations By Top and Bottom Best Fit Through Residual Sum of Squares, & Plot These Areas By Map

i am going to compare each category in the census to each other category and assemble these plot points by best RSS fit and map them onto a GIS tool. i think i need MATLAB for this

Money in the “Schiavo” Triangle

The representation of the government is displayed in the Terri Schiavo ruling where a “right-to-die” argument was dismissed by other sectors of the government. According to the U.S. Constitution, the American government distinguishes between the judicial, legislative, & the executive/adminstrative sources of authority. This deliberates the premise of “separation of powers” and checks & balances that help regulate this authority, an arrangement intended to “check” the historical oppression of despotic governments. A fiscal analysis of this arrangements suggests that:

1. the judicial authority has the right to rule in cases such as torts, contractual, etc. and designates the economic resolution of parties in malfeasance insurance liability claim.

2. the legislative body appropriates money to the state & federal government in a pre-emptive manner chosen by elections.

3. the executive body establishes the budget of the administration that regulates several sectors of the government.

TODO: Lexical Analysis of Online English Newspapers From Countries That Do Not Recognize Israel