These Nations Do Not Recognize Israel

North Korea
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates


Merchandise Wholesalers Exploiting SEO

a new business methodology exploits SEO for fungible merchandise wholesalers by staffing a call center with an 800 sales number tied to a website boosted with SEO techniques. i used to work in an insurance broker firm that made use of this technique and sought to be self-employed as an insurance salesperson working from home selling AFLAC disability nsurance (something of shutter drugrunner cottage industry in florida for the sake of a prevalent remedy for organized crime activity), but lacked the customer represantitive agent skills to handle insurance sales calls for AFLAC because of a chronic stuttering speech impediment when i get nervous. nonetheless i coded a wordpress site with MVC skills hosting articles on a disability insurance linked to an -800 number offered on hostgator and found SEO techniques very effective in generating traffic although i could still host a website like my bosses did selling leads to trained and licensed insurance agent salesperson for commission to handle the outbound calls.

Craigslist Version of Social Media Networks

i am gaming to “trump” both craigslist and online social media networks like facebook to promote an employment app along with other community services for people to work and employ from their community with a more sophisticated interface than craigslist and mimicking facebook social media networks. this business strategy is based on the premise that consumers are blinded by capitave customer arrangement and could hire from their own flock by joining a social media network like craigslist. this approach defies the community command of controlled markets where sellers and buyers anonymously push the treadmill of regional ventures into their own devise.

Grocery Apps on Social Media Networks

to hire from a social network that can scan community group profile. i have already designed a way to scan facebook groups for communal employment and there is an interest in social “inclusive” shopping that can arrange these kind of gig apps into a grocery app.

Organized Crime & Sex Work: Boogie Boarding

prostitution is legal in the dominican republic and colombia. many americans sympathize with harboring the trade because of the large amount of money capable of being made. it is common to detain innocent civilians in these and other drug-exporting countries in the region to ensure successful drug delivery. underage sex mules can command over $150,000 yearly, an argument for sympathizers in the legal and intelligence community that this can rescue their contractors from poverty. recently, the fbi stepped on behalf of the incompetent state courts to raid known drug and sex-trafficking outlets, common in the region to take over a business and turn it into a place for sex work or consume cocaine. there is a hostile trade reflecting a “who do you love?” psychology in the enforcement of the law. like sims on wall street, drug mules plunder in laundering can eliminate people who don’t look good or cool or unpopular.

Comprehensive A.I. Automation of the Modern Healthcare System

with healthcare costs on the rise, there is a pressing need to automate feature sets of the modern medical system in order to contain costs. consider the traditional model of healthcare where a battery of diagnostic tests are interpreted by highly skilled, highly qualified, but expensive professionals. if some of their procedures could be automated there would be a severe relief in modern healthcare costs, most of which go off to compensate student loans & liability insurance for independent doctors. the possibility of treatments using artificial intelligence that “model” some of the heuristics in modern health care. a comprehensive automation of the modern healthcare system would save money and broaden coverage. such a technological development could offer care at the pay level of a technician.

Clan Occur

while my legal studies direct me to medeival european feudalism to explain the property rights of western inheritance, debtorship, and wealth perpetuation, the clash of the internet resembles more the clan system of chinese history where a “clan occur” resembles the structure of online social networks, gratuitous labor guarded by private virtual currency and private police

this code script scans the profiels of group members on online social media networks on facebook: