Algorithmic Oil & Other Commodities Inefficient Predictors

this post is based on a recent wsj article about algorithmic oil and commodities trading being on the rise and inefficient as accurate predictors:

my formula is based on tallying keywords scanned from a lexicon of every english speaking newspaper in the world. the code is available at:

Energy & Transportation Policy on North Korean War Prospect

north korea may be gambling with test fires of rockets because of the U.S. hesitation to engage them in war, which would be economically catastrophic to the world, depleting the government & economy like the iraq war did 15 years ago. short-sellers may want to hedge on a market collapse based on international tensions with north korea. america top exporter of oil, gaming the market for vehicles running on lithium and self-driving. saudi and other oil producing export companies (OPEC) are attempting to cut supply to increase prices. bolivia is a next-generation lithium trade boom for self-driving, autonomous electric cars.

The Governance Gap Between Elected Officials and Appointed Operational Leaders

the article below outlines a common theme in modern governance, the gap between the executive view of elected officials and the operational view of employee and budget management where leaders such as the POTUS are often advised by staffed policy managers. an issue in this case is the staffing and operational logistics of appointed officials creating a continuation of modern govermental analysis. in his resignation letter, James W. Runcie describes the “successfully leading and managing a large, complex organization in the public sector requires alignment on governance and mission between operational leaders and political ones” (Mitchell) this suggests that such a gap is universal in government policy and decision-making and not present in just this instance.

Mitchell, Josh, and Melissa Korn. “Student-Aid Chief Abruptly Resigns.” The Wall Street Journal 25 May 2017: n. pag. Print.

Oil Data Sleuths and Online Newspaper Web-mining
check out my oil data tracking page asserting the principle that volume of keywords of commodities in the world press are indicative of trade value in volume & pricing:

Saudi Arabia Seeking to Diversify Economy With Petrochemical-based Products

in the wake of the prospect of electronic self-driving cars currently tested by companies including ford and google, world reliance on oil imports may become obsolete as a cadre of such revolutionary auto vehicles for private transportation becomes available.

Credit Swaps With Cuba

puerto ricans are targetted for the sake of sympathy with the cuban revolution for credit swaps with their brothers and fellow puerto ricans in america with family ties to the island. like a perennial re-run of the movie “trading places” on loop, american citizens are being piggy-backed to their job, to their school, & to their wivelihood for the sake of the cuban embargo. by finding the matching swap in cuba for their wares. now highly devalued by concert with rogue cuba. interestingly, the same is being done to mexico with imports at a premium and discounted mexican citizens, leaving puerto rico’s future in doubt and painting the embargo and puerto rico’s political status as “inconclusive” meaning the highest bidder, those with families in cuba and miami is usually performing the rescue at a premium as succinctly as if sold for a tourist travel reservation itinerary. residents can be swapped into a default scheme as simply as being named after a family member with the same credit default, a mechanism of the catholic church, with default swaps of economic and social insolvency as the breed. swap traders in puerto rico insist on trading with family networks over social or economic insolvency for the sake of drawing a costly swap. default swaps in the medical field like psychiatry have historically employed a medical property right as in State v. Powell, incurring a high trade cost for social insolvency. social and cultural fault lines eliminate swaps out of social or economic insolvency like bankrupty or ostracism with the simple phrase: “we don’t love you that much!” answering the calls for fault-tolerance for insolvency. family and social trends often shutter the swap target and raise interest and value of swap trading.

Will Economic Protectionism Lead to Global Conflict?

retreating from two decades of globalism as per trump’s referendum on domestic trade deals along with continued aggressiveness in the south china sea may be a percursor to global conflict featuring england’s exit from the EU to not be held solvent towards Greek debt crisis and the ongoing fighting in the middle east.